About Red Puzzle Designs

redpuzzle-chessboardWe are a group of business professionals that have spent thousands of dollars on web designers and developers to learn we had absolutely no control over the content management of our own websites or web presence.  After many challenges and tremendous frustration we elected to find more economical means to produce websites that served our businesses that were affordable and provided a quick turn around. We developed our flagship web-design company BloginMotion six years ago to provide the same services to you and your business.Red Puzzle Designs - WordPress Websites Starting at $199 and Gra

We have spent the last 6 years building websites for our business associates, working mostly by referral. We are here to help you avoid the same loopholes and frustrations we experienced in hiring our first web designers as well as providing you with direct control of your website immediately upon launch at an economical price point.

Customer Testimonial

… the site is so outstanding it makes me cry. You are fabulous and everything that was in my head you have brilliantly placed on the site. It is wonderful to know that there is someone like you that is not only imaginative but listens and cares to give other creators what they need and so desire with your talents. I am so grateful!!!

-Jules Dean

We take WordPress webdesign to another level putting the puzzle pieces in place for you. Here at Red Puzzle Designs we are available to build a professional WordPress web presence for your business, blog, artistic or personal website within 72-hours* saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

There is no need for a web designer to hold you captive by forcing you to use their services, or require you to pay them to keep your website current,  charging you hundreds of dollars every time you need to make simple changes to text and images. We put you in the drivers seat assuring you are in total control your own website and your web presence.

At Red Puzzle Designs, we build your website with the same passion that we built our own. Most of all, we understand your budget and know how to bring your ideas to fruition.

Note: We can update your current WordPress website design and add requested or needed functionality like shopping carts and membership systems.

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*some websites may require more time based on complexity