Planning Your Website

bim-logo-185Whether you are considering a new site, improving your existing site, or ready for a redesign? The following provides tips and information about planning, getting started, and maintaining your Web site.

However, please feel free to contact us to discuss your website ideas.

Here are some suggestions you can use to narrow your focus before we discuss your website.

  • Planning
  • Building
  • Make Your Presence Known
  • Web Site Maintenance and Updating


Things To Do:

Things you need to consider so that you can share this information with us.

  • Brainstorm and make notes of your questions.
  • Outline what you feel you will need
  • Organize your photos, logos and text into a folder

Red Puzzle Designs Affordable WordPress WebsitesThings to Consider:

  • What is the purpose your website
  • Who is your target audience
  • Web site content:
    • Text, and who will write or provide the text if not already available. Basic content
      • who are you?
      • what do you do?
      • how can people contact yo?
      • list of your services or products
    • Photographs or other images (to enhance or illustrate the text)
    • Logo
    • Updating of text and other content to keep site fresh and content current
    • Note:  Your site design is generally based on your content. We will best be able to help you with the development of the design based on your content. If you haven’t already done so, write or gather your content and other materials.
  • Your website Budget
  • Other costs:
    • Website Hosting/ISP (Internet Service Provider)
    • Domain name and registration (your .com, .net etc…)
    • If you wish to sell products or services online:
      • Secure server for processing transaction
      • PayPal buttons or cart using Paypal
      • Merchant account through your bank (or alternatives)
      • Online purchases by credit card, alternative purchases by fax, postal mail
      • Shopping cart software, if needed (usually recommended for over 10-20 products or so)
    • Search engine optimization.


  • After we’ve received your payment, and the required materials (content, logo, photos, other items as noted above), the design and development begins.
  • We will communicate with you by phone and email during the build out process.  Most sites are completed within 72 hours. Depending on the complexity of your website this could take a little longer.  i.e. shopping carts, social networks etc…
  • When the site is completed, we get your final OK, final payment, and send you your administrative passwords to access your admin panel.

Make Your Presence KnownRed Puzzle Designs - Affordable WordPress Websites in 72 hours

  • Web site registration with the major search engines
  • Add Web site and email address to all correspondence, all advertising
  • Consider sending announcements or commencing other advertising of your new, redesigned, or improved Web site

Web Site Maintenance and Updating

We will teach you how to use your back end admin panel to do the following:

  • Keep your Web site content fresh and alive by keeping your content current.
  • Add new information as appropriate and update existing information regularly