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Having an internet presence gives you a professional stance in today’s market. Consumers feel your business is creditable when they can find you on the internet. It gives them the ease of learning more about you and your business, and it provides them with comparison shopping options through simple searches. If you don’t have a web presence you are loosing valuable opportunities to grow your business.

Everyone can afford a website. There is no need to spend a fortune paying a designer to create and maintain your site. For as little as $99* we can put your site up and have you fully functional within 48-72 hours**.

With a few simple guidelines, you will be able to maintain your own site from a user friendly interface in the back end. It’s as simple as using a word processing program.

Affordable WordPress Websites from Red Puzzle Designs Are:

  • SECURE and SAFE from hackers.
  • FLEXIBLE enough to be converted into any type of website imaginable
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE so that anything on the website could be changed easily in a few clicks.
  • CONTENT is completely Editable and Manageable with In-line text editor similar to basic word processing software
  • STUNNING looking so that it grabs attention.
  • Full of FEATURES so that you don’t have to keep looking around for solutions.
  • NEWBIE-FRIENDLY so that literally anyone can start using it right away.
  • BROWSER upload of images to your own library for use anywhere in your website

Basic Service

Only – $99

Basic WordPress Installation Only

3 pages start* (Ex. Home, Contact, About) – you enter your own text & images. Comes loaded with hundreds of basic free WordPress theme to choose from. *Creating pages in WordPress is as easy as point and click. We will set up three pages to get you started with dummy content you can change on your own. Creating additional pages is very easy and you will be able to create as many as you like once we install the WordPress OpenSource Platform for your website. We will even install some upgraded plugins for additional functionality and then you are up and running in less than 48-72 hours.

** Hosting not included. Click the link to choose between our recommend host providers BlueHost or iPage . Feel free to Contact us for details. 

Optional Services
 Not Included Hosting All websites must be hosted by an internet service provider to be view-able on the internet. Click the link to choose between our recommend host providers BlueHost or iPage. Feel free to Contact us for details. 
Website Customization
Add this upgrade for website customization and installation of your premium wordpress theme, which you can purchase directly from and simply give us the login details to attain your software and upload it on your server.
$249* Landing Page Only *Depending on complexity. This is a one page website front that captures data on a construction page or coming soon page with basic information on it. Price depends on the complexity of database capture being used in backend and the needed systems built into your site.
$125 Basic Logo Design*
*If you need advanced logo design we will be happy to quote you. We do graphic design for your printed materials as well. Please inquire for a quote.
$75 Embed Music / Video Embed your music or video on one page
$395+ WordPress Shopping Cart
depends on complexity. *if need a different platform please inquire. We can install it for you.
Red Puzzle Designs Affordable WordPress Websites Social Network depends on complexity
Red Puzzle Designs Affordable WordPress Websites Video/Audio Customization depends on complexity
Red Puzzle Designs Affordable WordPress Websites Content
Put your established content on your new website. Write new content based on your product or service. Depends on complexity and time.
Red Puzzle Designs Affordable WordPress Websites Website Development  Consulting FREE! when contracting services
How Does It Work?
  1. Provide us with your domain name, hosting details
  2. Provide your content and images
  3. We can build it and make it live in as little as 72 hours*
  4. You manage and maintain it on your own.
A Few Tips!

Know what you want your site to do
  • Is it for informational purposes?
  • Is it a Blog?
  • Is it to promote a product or service?
  • Do you need a Shopping Cart?**
  • Do you need a social network within your site?**
  • Or is it a combination of all these?**
What do you want to put on your site?
  • Photos & Images
  • Information
  • Music & Video

*Basic Website – 3 pages, text & images only (you provide content for three pages – you can create as many pages as you like after we deliver your site to you.)
**72 hours depending on DNS changes and/or Hosting setup and complexity.

Ready to Get Started? Click the image below:

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